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No taboo phone sex leaves everything Open

No taboo phone sex

What is the most No taboo phone sex session you think you’ve ever had. I’m sure I’ve gone further. It’s those things that stretch the mind of the most extreme session that you could have never imagined yourself. Or the fact that we turn fears and obsessions into sessions of pleasure and cumming. Think of the most torture you’ve felt. Maybe it was when you were very young and it was at the hands of XYZ person. How does it feel to hold that power in your hands and re-write the story you’ve been allowing into your dominating that scenario and cumming all over their faces? For a certain group of people dominated into submission, everytime you see the dominators going to the extreme with them. For me it was a fat bitch in college who would dominate me with her meanness. For some reason I imagine holding down her fat face and shuving my cunt into her face until she can’t breathe. Then allowing men to cum over, fuck me as a Sexy prostitute but right before they cum pulling out and using her lifeless flubberly body to cum on as I fuck my cunt with my favorite toy watching, savoring every load of cum covering her pathetic body.