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Nasty Phonesex with Freida

Nasty phonesex

Baby girl and I had a GREAT time the other day! She came home from school to a friend of mine sitting at the table talking to me. She came over and gave me a great kiss before he cleared his throat. I pulled her over to the couch, and beckoned him to follow. He sat on the couch as she and I started eating each other out. I flipped her upside down and wrapped her legs around my shoulders, and she wrapped her arms around my hips, and we dug in. After a few minutes of that, I freed my mouth up long enough to ask after her day. She informed me that she had gotten in trouble for talking in class while there was a test.

I sat down on the couch next to my friend, turned her over my knee, and I smacked that little ass. I spanked her a few more times before asking my friend if he wanted to take a few smacks. He happily applied his hand to her ass a few times before wrapping her legs around his neck and burying his cock in her throat. He ate her while she sucked him, and it was PERFECT!