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Sore Cum Dumpster

cum dumpsterLast night I was such a cum dumpster I needed a bath. Not just because I was covered in jizz, but because I was sore too. Sore as fuck from a gangbang and a bukkake party. I was hired to work a bachelor party for one of my husband’s business pals. The guy is my age. This is his third marriage, but he swears this one is the one. You know, third time is the charm. He has always been sweet on me. He is handsome, but a player. He gets older and his wives get younger. That is why I was surprised to discover he wanted me and not one of my daughters for his party. I showed up dressed like a stripper. I have pole moves. His hotel suite had a built-in stripper pole. I started by giving him and his friends a sexy show. It was foreplay. I knew I was there for one reason only, to take cum. I took more than I thought I would too. Every guy fucked me a few times. Once I had a cum filled cunt that was dripping onto the floor, they bukkaked me. Gathered around in a circle and flung their hot seed into my face and hair. These guys acted like savage beasts; like they had not been fucked in decades. I was down for a good hardcore orgy. My sons don’t fuck me that hard. I came home to an empty house. My daughters were all on dates and my husband took the boys to a movie. No one to lick me clean. I made myself a bubble bath and soaked my sore holes, washing the cum away. When my brood came home, they were sad that they missed the chance to clean me up. When I told them about my night, they dirtier me up again. A trashy milf’s work is never done.