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Training My Girl to be an Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore. Ass sex brings in the money.  I raise my daughters to be anal whores like me. Many men prefer to fuck women in the ass because less chance of knocking them up. Men want to fuck a young girl they just want plausible deniability and leaving her knocked up doesn’t allow for that. Some men just like the taboo nature of anal sex. Plus, it is something wives rarely do. I have two  young girls who are adopted. They are at a coveted age for perverts like my husband. I started anal training them this week so when their assholes are auctioned off it won’t destroy them. The nice thing about assholes is you can fuck them a lot of times and still pass them off as virgin. The key is preparation. Lube helps too. Lots of lube. I used a double sided dildo with them. One in my ass and one in a daughter’s ass. I am patient. I stop for ouches and bad moans. I help them with their breathing and use more lube if necessary. I love fucking my daughters in the ass. I love pimping out their holes too, but to do that, I need to practice. Practice is what turns a young girl into an anal cum dumpster for you.