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Crack Dealer’s Son

Dirty phone sexMy crack dealers son came to visit me today and offered me a nice crack rock and all I had to do was drain his balls. I laughed as if what he gave me was a hard task to do. I was sweet tho I asked which hole he preferred. He said to me “A whore as old and used up as you, the only tight hole you have left is your mouth. “Get sucking bitch!” I was shocked and impressed by his authority and his degrading of me making me super fucking turned on. So young and cocky and talking to me like I was a worthless piece of shit. I could feel my cunt aching from how sloppy wet he was making me. I dropped to my knees as almost in a trance and crawled my way over to in between his legs. He already had his cock out and in his hand waiting for my mouth. I wrapped my filthy lips on his cock and slid down his shaft. His precum shooting into my mouth. He grabbed my hair and pushed my mouth deep on his cock and he began force fucking my face. He was shouting all sorts of degrading names and spitting on me. I absolutely loved his treatment of me and the way he used my worthless whore body.