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Piss Bukkake for Drugs

phone sex line melanieI was running out of money fast. I knew I needed to act fast. My drug problem was getting out of control and I needed cash to fuel the fun. My sister had a good idea. I could have a special water sports bukkake. The idea was very appealing. I love water sports and getting came on too. I sent a text out to everyone in my phone book. There was going to be an entrance fee but once people were in my trailer they could do whatever they wanted.
Later that day, I had a line of men outside my doorstep. Guy after guy squeezed inside my house. I was already naked by the time the first guy got there. I had around six guys circle me at once. They degraded me by calling me a “dirty cum slut” and a “worthless piece of shit”. I can’t lie. It turned me on. I had my throat stuffed with cock. One after one. I wasn’t given much of a break before all six guys started pissing on me at once. I opened my mouth and swallowed all of it up. It was a lot so I started choking up some of the piss. I was soaking wet in piss, my makeup was ruin but at least I got enough money to get me through this week.