Sweet Caroline’s Hay Ride on Hard Dicks


Sorority girls fucking

I like a nasty motherfucking country boy who will let me suck and fuck his hard cornbread fed cock all night long in a hay barn. That’s right I like it wild and outside even with a whole bunch of strapping cowboys. I love cowboy cock it’s the best there is as far as I’m concerned and cowboy cock loves my sweet pink pussy too.  Cowboys are fucking stallions they will pound my pussy until I beg for mercy and I don’t beg for mercy I beg for more. Sweet Caroline that’s what the guys  all call me when they see me walking by. The girls aint so nice buy who cares about these whores when I have all the dick I want whenever I want it. I do all the tricks I make all their toes curl up and their cocks spray cum like water hoses when I get a hold of them. I can make your cock blow like a geyser. 

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