Super Slick Sluts Win


Cum filled cunt

I need to be fucked in my asshole; I need to be made to do what is instructed of me. I’ve always been that girl who gets whatever she wants when I only want to be a submissive fucking whore. I’ve gotten everything I wanted except to be treated like a slut to be dominated over. I need to be trained. I want no, I yearn for a guy to make me feel like he is in charge of everything when it comes to me. I’m tired of being a spoiled fucking brat bitch. Guys fondle their monsters trying to fuck me if I want them to. If I can’t do anything else, I can always make a man do exactly what I want. I want to be dominated; I want to be a submissive slut. I yearn for Domination my dreams encompass all of my Torrid uninhibited fantasies. I don’t know a guy that is strong enough to take over in my life. I don’t know not one single guy who is brave enough to challenge me. My body is calling for a massive amount of sexual satisfaction. Let me be your salacious human sex doll. I promise you won’t be sorry. I will suck your cock until it sprays cum everywhere then you can make me swallow every drop of your cum. I want to be tied up and treated like a tramp on drugs. It’s what I’m craving; I know what I need; I know how my body feels right now. I am a sleazy slutty whore deep inside, and no one has a clue. I am telling you because I want you to know how badly I need this and I feel like that you can make it happen for me.

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