Super Freaky Cookout

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I love the feeling of being watched by my cousins and uncles. All the other females in my family are super jealous of how sexy I am. They try and keep a close watch of their husbands because they all want a piece of this Carmel pie. Too bad that doesn’t stop me from getting what I want. The other day when the weather was nice I went out to a family cookout. I wore my skankiest orange dress that compliments my golden skin. The cookout was dead until “The Wobble” came on. I immediately made it into my time to shine and made my way to the dancefloor. As I wiggled my hips and began to shake my ass I noticed my Uncle Leroy grabbing his massive cock underneath the table. I was sure that he wanted a taste of this nookie so after teasing him with the rhythm of my body I made my way to the guest house. It was completely empty and secluded from the party. Within minutes I see my Uncle Leroy entering the room. It was no surprise that he was here. He claimed that he came to tell me what a beautiful young lady I grew into. I knew he was basically trying to tell me that he likes the shape of tits and how perky my nipples looked in my dress. I didn’t want to waste any time so I immediately grabbed his hard dick and began to stroke it as I slid my tongue in his mouth. I lowered myself as I unbuckled his pants. As I pulled out his cock the smell of old spice made my pussy tingle. I swallowed his whole cock and began to suck him off like the sexy teen slut I was trained to be. He grabbed the back of my head and began to fuck my throat while telling me how good of a girl I am. I bet Auntie Rene never sucked his cock like I did. He came so hard that I felt his knees buckle. I swallowed every last drop. When we were done I had no shame as we walked out together grinning about what we had just done. Auntie Rene seemed to be enraged but that bitch should consider it a favor. I did what her old ass cant!

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