Summer Job

Gang Bang WhoreSchool is out for summer and there is a job opening for a teachers assistant posted on the communications board. Normally I would not even consider applying but this job actually gives me extra credit hours that I would not have to pay for!

So I tore the sheet off the board and went and applied for the job! The professor was one I had before but I had dropped his class almost immediately. He did not try to hide his staring then or now!

He told me that we would be working very closely and that it would be long hours as he walked behind me and ran his fingers across my shoulder blades. I knew exactly what he was getting at and so I arched my back to stick out my tits just to let him know I was the right girl for the job!

That’s when he let me know that this position was not solely for him, that I would be passed around between him and three others as well! And there would be nights when it may be more than one at a time!

He was making me just a little nervous but it was nothing I had not done before!

He suggested we start the interview process and motioned at the door for the other three to come in!

They stood around me, groping and squeezing me as if to determine if I was ripe enough. And then just like that, they tore open my shirt and started slapping my tits!

They pushed me over the desk and spread my ass cheeks and started licking  my tight pussy! Another stood in front of my and forced his cock in my mouth!

Then one professor slithered his way underneath me and managed to slide his meat inside me. The way they were just taking me and using me had already got me so wet that by the time the one stopped licking my ass and slammed his fucking cock inside my little shit hole….I thought i would explode!

I had meat in every hole in my body and they were fucking me like i was some cheap rag! The entire time, the fourth professor was watching and taking notes!

I would have screamed when I exploded all over them but the cock in my mouth had made me gag! Each one had dumped their load in their respective holes, filling me like a cum whore!

When they finally finished with me, that told me that I would be perfect for the job!

So began my career as a sex assistant!

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