sucking for a cigarette

Cum guzzling slut

I need a cigarette so fucking bad. Even though I’m freezing my tits off out here in on the search for a cigarette in my trailer park. I seen the old man that lives in the back and I know he smokes. I walk up to him and ask for a cigarette. He says “of course but it’ll cost ya”. So I told him to name his price. I didn’t fucking care I just needed one really bad. He laughs and says suck on old Willy for 10 minutes. I won’t be able to get off but I’ll feel amazing. I shrug my shoulders and think what the hell I’ve done it for way less. We head into his trailer. It takes a minute because he is slow and using a walker. We step into his trailer and it smells like moth balls and a nursing home. He sits down in his rocking chair and unzips his fly. I can see his old wrinkly balls and shriveled up penis. I tell him to give me the cigarette first. I put it behind my ear and take his dick in my hand. I slowly put his old dick in my mouth. I suck on it lightly then harder. I make sure I use my tongue to his liking. He moans softly. I’m worried if I’m not careful that he will have a heart attack. The whole time he is moaning his cock doesn’t get hard. I can tell he is really enjoying himself. I play with his balls using my hands. He throws his head back with pleasure. I believe it has been 10 minutes so I finish by jacking him off. He still never cums. So I feel sorry for him and tell him thanks for the cigarette. I go to leave as he calls my name. I turn around and he throws a whole pack of cigs at me. He says, “come see me if you need anything else.” I smile and head home. Once again, another job well done.

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