Suck that nut

cum dumpsterI have been the dealer’s cum dumpster for a while now. There is not a thing I won’t do to get what I want. I love getting an excellent high and fucking and being a complete slut. I love cum so much, and I don’t mind having to be sold out to get some angel dust. My drug dealer, on the other hand, thought things were getting boring. I was a great bukkake bitch. My dealer was honest with me. It was getting a bit old, and he wanted to do something more exciting. I wasn’t going to turn anything down. I wanted to get high and get fucked.
Most importantly I wanted to be strung out on all drugs. I am obsessed with his mix. I get to mix and ecstasy and coke and H’ all together for the most epic high. I needed my hands on it, and the only way I was going to be able to do so was to suck that nut. It wasn’t anyone’s nut it was his four-legged friend’s nut. I wet on my knees and sucked and fucked till I got all the cummy right out. It wasn’t half bad at all, and it made me feel like such a cheap trashy slut. I wasn’t done. My ass is to perfect to pass up. I was his anal sex whore cause that’s my specialty.

anal sex whore

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