Suck On My Used Tampons

Period phone sexI know you’re a filthy, perverted mother fucker and I want you to prove to me how nasty you can really get with me! I have a trash can that’s filled to the brim full of my used bloody tampons. Some are old and rotten, some are crusty and dried up and some are fresh and moist, I want you to taste them all! Tell me what differences you can taste between all of the different flavors of my pussy, hehe taste the rainbow! Personally, I love the freshest ones, all of my blood and pussy juices and tissues all mixed in with it, so delicious! The crusty ones are good too, I love the texture of all the dried up mucus and blood, it’s like eating some soggy crackers! How about those rotten ones, those seem pretty appetizing, right?! I want to see how many you can stuff inside of your mouth all at the same time, I know that you can stretch yourself far and wide you dirty boy! Use the string on the tampon to hold it while you lick and suck on it like a fucking lollipop, so damn sexy! Your naughty mouth was made to be a tampon eating machine and I love turning you into my human toilet!

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