Stripper Sex Stories with Tiny Teen Petal

stripper sex stories

Being a nasty little stripper has had limitless benefits so far. Guys get so weak whenever they see me dancing and twirling around the pole, they can’t help but throw their hard earned money at me. Why lie? I do love the attention and I love it just as much as I love the easy money too.
There’s just something about stripping all my clothes off and dancing naked in front of all those men that makes me feel powerful. Even though I am fully exposed, I don’t feel vulnerable at all. When I’m on the stage, I’m the one in control. I wish I could do it forever, that’s how much I love it.

stripper sex stories
The only thing better than being on stage is when a man likes what he saw all stage so much that he wants to take me upstairs to the champagne room. Whenever a man makes up his mind to do that I ask for whatever price I want. Sometimes, I lower the price if he’s attractive or if I’m just horny. Sometimes, I just adjust my price depending on desperate for cash I am or based on how much money I think he has.
One of my most recent customers was a boy named Andy. I could tell he was broke usually, but that he was throwing away his money like he was made of it. Eventually after watching me dance two times on stage he decided he wanted to go upstairs. With him, I really pushed the limits because he was obviously drunk and acting like his pockets were bottomless. I got what remained of his tax return check that night believe it not, and for almost nothing too. Just a five minute job is all it took for him to explode in my mouth. I walked away with over 800 dollars and a mouthful of cum, it was a good night.

stripper sex stories

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