Stripper sex stories for all

stripper sex stories

I have a lot of stripper sex stories but there are a couple that really stick out in my mind. I was working in a cheap, run down club where you were lucky if there wasn’t pocket change on the stage at the end of your set. I had just left the stage and the owner told me that he had a friend here waiting in his office to see me. I went in and there sat the biggest guy that I had ever seen. He must have weighed close to 400lbs and he was already breathing heavy. He gave me a leering look and told me to come crawl to him on my knees, I wasn’t going to until he showed me the wad of cash and the pile of coke in front of him. That changed my tune pretty quick and I did the sexiest crawl I could to him and his cock. It was small and shriveled up but that didn’t stop me from inhaling it and working my magic. It slowly grew in size and girth and when it was fully erect he had me sit backwards in his lap so I could do some line while he fucked me. It wasn’t the best fuck but I got some coke and made 50 bucks from it. He is coming back through town soon and I hope he stops by to visit!

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    you still around? Not listed on girls page.

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