Stripper Sex Stories Are Dirty

Hot stripper sex Want to hear a hot stripper sex story? Well, I was working the club last night when this pathetic looking guy walked in. Most of the girls passed on him but I noticed that pricey watch on his wrist and that black card he handed to the bartender. I knew I had found my sugar daddy for the night. Came up to him, offered him a lap dance and then whispered to him that the VIP lounge was open if he would like to take it to the back room. He smiled and I told him not to worry I would just charge it to his tab, but he has got to tip in cash. He pulled out a wad and smiled. I took his hand and off we went. I wasn’t wasting anytime with him. I went straight for that full nude dance. Grinding and rubbing on him. I ended the dance between his legs and smiled up at him. I unbuckled his pants and held out my hand. He handed me a couple of crisp Ben Franklins. I removed his cock and started giving him the deep throat treatment. I didn’t let him cum though. I stood up and straddled him, slowly letting the tip of his cock touch my juicy wet cunt. I felt him twitch and then I stuck my hand out again. Another couple of Ben Franklins landed in my hand. As I took his cock deep inside me and started riding him. Wonder how much I could get for a little back door action.

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