Stripper Bitch Fucked For CASH!

Hot stripper sexAs usual it was another long night at the club. A few businessmen came in looking for a whore who was willing to spread her legs. You know me; if you flash some cash my way I will do whatever you want. These guys were rich and dirty; they wanted a filthy gang-bang whore ready to drain them. They had no idea that I was the best in town; a trailer park stripper whore who always sells her body for money. They threw cash at me and ripped off panties and pulled down my dress.

The one guy slapped my tits and said they were nice and big and he wanted to stare at them as they bounced. The other guy got on the ground and lifted me up and started pumping me up and down on his cock immediately. The other 2 took out their cocks and started stroking in front of my face until they got hard. They slapped my face and said “suck whore” in a heavy Russian accent. They barely spoke English but boy did they know what they wanted.

I was moaning as they fucked my throat as the other one plowed my pussy. I was bouncing all over and they laughed and said I was a dumb bimbo whore and they wanted to hurt me. The one guy said “I want to see this bitch get her ass hole force fucked”. They all agreed; after a while they picked me up and threw me on all 4s over the couch. They each came up behind me and took turns on my sweet butt hole. They came in my ass hole and made me push out their loads and lick/eat it all up. 

It wasn’t over; they stayed for 2 hours doing blow and getting drunk and kept fucking me. They each nutted about 4 times until they were satisfied. On the last round they busted their nut on my face and tits and took their money and stuck it all over me. Their sticky cum made the money stick perfectly. I heard them laugh as they took pictures and the ring leader of the 3 said “I have some more filthy men who want to use you next time whore”. They spit on me and called me trash and said “Nice holes you fucking cunt” and they walked out! 

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