Stretched Out

Anal sex whore BobbieI finally was on my way to get my ass stretched out by Doctor Stephen; He told me to wait in the exam room while his assistant Andrea got undressed. I was so excited to get my ass fucked my cunt was juicing through my panties. Last time Kim wouldn’t stop raving about it, and when I took her out on the town, all she wanted was to get ass fucked. I’m a dirty fuckin whore- So I’ll shit on your dick. Stephen was ready to start- but Andrea was being a jealous selfish bitch. She kept begging him to fuck her ass since he only fucked Kims that day. She got on her knees, I pulled back her hair as she gagged on his cock ‘til she puked all over her big titties then put his huge meat sick between them and stroked it with all those chunks. “I’m ready for my ass to get fuck Dr.” she moaned out. He told me to rim her while she put a strap, she bent over- I got that fucktoy nice and ready for him. I didn’t know we were going have this much fun. He had me lay in front of her, legs over her shoulders as up high. She stuck that 9 inch cream filled dildo so deep in my ass while he jammed hers, fuck who thought it be this good. I rubbed my clit while she stuffed her fingers inside my cunt. I missed fucking like this. Stephen could feel her shitting herself as he pulled out. Oh we were having a whole fuckfest-I didn’t realize Kim had this much of a good time otherwise I would have cum with her during her appointment. No way is it legal to run this kind of practice but it makes it all the more erotic!


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    You can call me Doctor Dick.

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