Stepdads cum dump

cum dumpsterI am fully aware that I have become the cities cum dispensary. I have fully accepted my fate as a cum dumpster. I have been fascinated by cock and cum since I can remember. I had a stepdad with a huge p-cock. My mom would be strung out on H and I would be alone trying to fight off this big hairy man. It was sick but I enjoyed feeling his dick deep inside my young cunny. He would make me do lines from his cock and it was the best high ever. I would feel him jerk his cock on me until he couldn’t take it anymore. I ended up submitting to him and letting him lick my twat till he could no longer hold out his massive cum. He even got my tight ass stretched so young. He would use my bum and would fuck me while my mom was in the next room. It was an excitement like no other. I guess you can say that is the reason I am a nympho whore.

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