Snow White

Druggy phone sexI have an 8-ball of coke and it’s all going up my nose. Snorting coke makes me cunt super wet and nipples super hard. I do a line of cocaine and images of us fucking floods my brain. I’m turning into a nasty girl who fucks like a pornstar. I want us to get high together. Let’s experience this chemical high together. Snort a line with me and I’ll spread my legs for you. I’m shaved and my pussy is fat. Give me bump and I’ll suck your cock. It makes me so fucking wet when you moan. I want your eyes to roll back when my tongue plays with the head of your cock. I’m not the type of girl you introduce to mommy. I’m a nasty girl with really really good pussy. I’m a bad girl with very bad habits. Come with me down the rabbit hole. I’ll make your wildest fantasies come true.

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