Smoke Weed, We Breed

Dirty Phone Sex

We light up a blunt, and fuck until sun up. Smoke weed, we breed! My pussy is fertile, my eight brats will attest to that. Once they start to bleed, they can breed and earn their weight. Lots of nice couples love to adopt cute little druggy brats they think they’re “rescuing”. I don’t care because each of my daughters gets paid per tot. Breeding them out is the funnest thing.

We roll blunts as thick as black cocks (more like BBC fingers!) and light ‘em up, and go. Bitches lay down, legs spread wide, and beg for a hot cock to crawl between their knees. They rub little circles around those tight, wet openings, before grabbing us by the hips and shoving inside. Oh we moan and groan, but thrust up in time to be able to milk the cum out of those balls.

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