Slutty Sex Addict Poem

phone sex line Melanie

Tonight was a really dirty night
I knew I was in for a real fight

This bitch wanted to fuck you
But I was the one you wanted too

So we kicked her out of the trailer
Of course, lots of hair pulling

We didn’t care. We just wanted to bang
After we banged, we would hang out together
Then we would bang again

We are sex addicts
Missing work. I can’t get enough
This is so tough

Going for a second without getting fucked
I need you to get sucked.

I’ll lick your cock up and down like candy
Everything I learned will really come in handy

I want to be your little toy
You’ll be my little boy
I’ll be your filthy whore
I’ll even let you fuck me on the shore

Whatever you want let’s have fun
We can even fuck on the run

No matter what I’ll be ready
To take your cock anytime really steady

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