Slow Night

Dirty phone sex Tonight was slow as fuck as the truck stop and the diner. Not a single dick to suck or sandwich to serve. There was no way I was going to be ok with going home with nothing, not even a cum deposit. I needed to hit the Main Street in town and stand at the corner to see what business I could get. Several cars pulled over and when I offered a date, they drove us into a dark alley were I could suck their cocks, and drain them down my throat. Most of them offered a hit of crack as payment, which I enjoyed, but I really needed some cash. Finally, a white Range Rover pulled up. I asked him for a date, told him a price, and he demanded I get in. I didn’t realize until I was in the vehicle that his 3 big black buddies were in the backseat. They pulled over to a dark alley and gangbang force fucked me viciously. When they were done using my nasty whore cunt, they each spat on me and the driver threw down a $1 bill. Fuck.

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