Slow Night At The Strip Club So I Made Money Off My Mouth Instead!

Cum guzzling slutIt was a really long shift at the strip club last night and it was kind of slow which made shit feel even longer. I could not wait to get the fuck out of there. The amount of men that just like to sit and not pay for a dance is pathetic. I was so sick of shaking my ass for them and getting little to nothing. All the regulars and big ballers usually come on the weekend so during the week it’s always trash money. I needed something to give though because I was broke as fuck until Saturday. I was a little drunk and began to ponder my options an how I can make some easy cash. 

So, a few dudes were sitting in the back and I could tell they had money but were interested in more than just a little dance. I went over there and said hello with a few free shots to get shit warmed up. We took a few shots and talked and I was flirty and had my tits hanging out along with my pussy that barely fit in my panties. I bent over so they could see my cunt and ass too; I looked at them and said I wanted to play. They were excited and said “Oh yeah, play for pay is the way we do things here baby”. I smiled and whispered to all 3 of them that they should come meet me in the back for a special dance. 

They were all excited but I told them it had to be one at a time so no attention was drawn. So they totally agreed and said no problem. So I went to the back and waited for the first perv to come in and get some action. He walked in and asked me what kind of dance I was referring to while he took out his wallet and flashed his cash. I pushed him against the lockers and took off all my clothes so he could see my big tits better. I said “How about a turn on this mouth with your cock baby”? He bit his lip and said “If you swallow my cum I will raise the price whore”.

I smiled and said “There is no other way to face fuck a slut if she wont swallow your load”. He laughed and smiled and slipped his cock in my mouth and went right into fucking my throat. He fucked my throat and made me gag all over him; he railed my mouth for a while. I could tell he was holding back his load because he wanted his money’s worth. He held my head down and made me look up at him and he said “You made this night way better whore; I am going to cum now and then I will send my other friends in to get their turn”. 

He pumped my mouth a little harder and within a few seconds I felt him unload in my throat. I swallowed all of that cum and it was so much; I could tell this fucker was backed up. He looked down at me, slapped me in the face and said “I am so glad bitches like you exist for men like us skank”. He laughed and threw me $500 and said to wait here while he got the next cock for me to please. I smiled and wiped away my wet teary eyes so I looked presentable for the next one and said “Okay I am ready sir”. It ended up being a really good night and I made some good fucking money!

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