Sloppy Period Sex

Period phone sex CarrieI was reading a book and laying out on a blanket at the park and this sexy guy came up to me and told me how hott he thought I am and bluntly asked if he could fuck me right then and there in the middle of the day, of course I replied “fuck yes you can!”. I was on my period and bleeding heavily and let him know but it didn’t phase him one bit, even better! He stripped me naked out of my little outfit and took my tampon out of my pussy with his teeth! Such a nasty mother fucker! He flipped me over and put me on all fours, he wanted to ravage me doggy style! His cock was rock hard and fucking huge! Holy shit! He plowed into my bloody cunt, splattering blood all over me, him and the blanket! It looked like a murder scene, it was so fucking hott! All of the blood made the entire experience so much wetter and better! He was like an animal just savagely beating his meat! He wanted to bust his fat load of cum inside of my pussy then lick it up as it dripped out with my blood! Holy fuck it was all so hott! Definitely had to take his phone number down after that!

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