Slippery When Wet

phone sex line Looking at my reflection as I sit with my legs spread in front of the mirror. I choose the shortest cut off jean shorts I could find. My pussy lips hanging out of either side of them are begging to be sucked. the thin piece of material hiding in the slit of my cunt is already soaked with juice. Coupled with my black bathing suit and black heels I am so ready for the PSO (phone sex operator) car wash.
I arrive a little early to help set up and the first car to pull in is a sleek, black Mustang with white racing stripes up the hood.
I take the hose and wet the beauty down. She is so slick that I can’t help myself. Laying back on the hood with my legs spread I place the hose on my clit and create pressure as I place my thumb over the opening.
The force of the water on my clit sends a tingle up my cunt that causes me to squirm with delight. My eyes are closed and i am lost in the feeling when suddenly I feel a mouth on my pussy and I explode!
Who’s car is next?

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