Skyping With Daddy

dirty phone sexDaddy is away on a trip with his boring ass wife. But that doesn’t mean daddy doesn’t think about me and my big tits, bald pussy, and perfect mouth. We set up a time every night. He slips away every night for a run, or so he tells her. What he is really doing is skyping me. Like clockwork the computer rings. Today I answered with a hot surprise for him. Me laying back in the bed, tits on display, fucking my pussy with the dildo he had just bought me.

He smiles as he pushed the car seat back and pulls out his cock. I see him stroking as I take the dildo out of my juicy wet cunt and put it in my mouth. Imitating a sloppy wet blowjob. He moans as he tells me he misses me. I smile because I know that my cashapp will be dinging soon with a brand-new money load. He asks if I have been good, and I tell him I am always good. I send him a video of my earlier nights fuckfest. Me with a cock in my mouth and one in my ass. He watches and strokes frantically, blowing his load all over the screen. The video ends and just like that my notifications go off.

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