Skanking Around!

Anal Cum DumpsterI meet the most interesting men skanking around the truck stop. This one guy was a total hippy, and I didn’t think vegans had it in them the way this guy did. His dick was enormous and he must have kept up with his health because we were fucking for hours. He was a little skinny but all of that weight was hiding in that thick veiny cock of his. It was ribbed for my pleasure for sure and he got me in the bathroom and spread my legs like an animal after its prey. I was bent over with my face between my knees and he had his wet finger slipping in and out of my asshole while riding this pussy like he was driving his big rig and I was shifting gears with clit. He had a little extra for me to snort too so I was flying high like crazy and I just wanted him to fuck me until the sun went up and down for days, but he left just after I got to taste his hot load in my mouth.

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