Druggy pornGreg called me over to his place yesterday. He said he had a pile of cocaine and a hard cock. He knows me so well because 20 minutes later I was ringing his doorbell. He wasn’t lying he answered the door with a huge erection, but I walked right past him to his coffee table. And there on that coffee table wasn’t a pile of cocaine it was a mountain. I dropped to my knees and cut out two huge lines of nose candy and sniffed them both in mere seconds. It was good coke, but I wasn’t surprised his coke is good every time. Now, I was ready for dick. I turned around and he had it ready for me, right in my face. I wrapped my hands around his long shaft and wrapped my lips around his fat mushroom head. I sucked his cock like my life depended on giving him the best blow job.
“Let’s 69 on the sofa”, he said.
He didn’t have to ask me twice. I pulled his dick out of my mouth and stood to my feet. He laid on the sofa and I sat my pussy on his face. He licked and sucked on my pussy so good I had to concentrate to suck his cock. He had me so wet it was running down my thighs and his face. I grind against his mouth and I felt my orgasm building. I kept sucking his huge cock I wanted to taste his semen. I bobbed my head up and down faster and faster, I felt his body tensing up beneath me. He shot his huge load into my mouth and I came hard against his. Sixty-nine is always so much fun.

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