Sissy bitch boy

anal cum dumpster


cum dumpster

I have the most pathetic sissy calling me lately. He wants me to use him and make him my pathetic slave. I know deep down inside he is jealous of all the sweet cum I get and wants to be a sissy bitch who gets used. I want to fucking ruin him and make him dress up and service all the big black cocks at the glory hole. I will make sure he is drugged up and shares needles with the bums. That’s not the only thing the sissy enjoys. He likes it raw dog in his bloody prolapsed ass. I want to get boyfriend and suck on his cock and his buddies cocks then I want them all to make him a bukkake bitch and make him yearn for their cocks. I wont give him sweet precious cum from them. I have something much more sinister in store. I want to give him a buffet and large array of diseased dicks. I will make him the nastiest anal cum dumpster. I will make sure he eats that cum and gets his ass injected with all the random jizz shots I know he so desperately wants.

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