Side gig

Druggy porn

A couple of years back in my college years, I ended up getting a side gig. I hated working for little money, so I decided to be a dominatrix. I was so into the world of sex work. I wanted so badly to make a ton of money in a short period of time. I am not one to slave and work long hours. I may be a slut, but I like to be a princess too.

Being a domme afforded me the ability to focus on school while making good money and using that money on me. I didn’t have to worry about splitting it with a pimp,For the first time, sex wasn’t even an option. What it was all about was power. I had power over pathetic men and would have them high as fuck watching druggy porn while I paddle them and degrade them.

I think I had a lot of built-up anger to men because of daddy issues and bastard boyfriends, so I was able to distress and take my anger out on these men, and they loved it so much, and it got me excited and paid, so it was worth every second. I was rolling the dough and having a good fucking time.

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