Shopping Trip

phone sex line evonneWhen I set out this morning I had a mission. i picked my clothes carefully as I grabbed the biggest hand bag I have emptying the contents on the bed as I headed out. I have done this a million times but the rush I get from the thrill of it all makes me horny as fucking hell. I can hear the blood pumping in my ears as I enter the lingerie shop and begin eyeing the sexy things that will be stuffed in my purse and on my body later tonight. With my purse full and my pussy wet I start for the door.

That’s when I feel a strong hand on my elbow and I hear the words “Come with me Miss”

Fuck I just got busted for the first time In his tiny office he starts emptying my haul on to his desk. When he picks up an especially sexy number he looks at me with that familiar gleam in his eyes. I know that look all to well.

“You want to get out of this?”

Licking my lips and smiling I shake my head in affirmation

He tosses the sexy piece at me “Put this on”

With out hesitation I stand up and strip out of my clothes and into the sexy little number he picked out. He opened a door behind him and motioned for me to go inside. To my surprise there was an exam table with stirrups, just like a the gynecologist has. What kinky little fucker he is!

As I lay back and get strapped in, my cunt begins to flow. Fucking to get out of trouble was a blast and I got to keep the sexy little number he liked. I think I will be back soon for another run!

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