Shittin’ on the road again

scat phone sexThe dirtier the scat phone sex the better. I once had an extremely dirty trucker who would save his shit in a bag just to watch me eat it and rub it all over my body. I wouldn’t see him for weeks sometimes but he would have all of these goody bags in the truck waiting for me. He loved to watch my skin go from white to dark brown as I smeared his anal goodness all over me. Sometimes I would drop a load of my own stinky riches right in the parking lot in front of him and then dip my fingers in and lick it off like chocolate. After all of that smelly concoction was dried he would shove me so that I was bent at the waste and he would grab onto my hips and shove his rock hard cock into my open sphincter. He would always cum really hard and would then shove that cock into my mouth to clean. I haven’t seen him in a while-would you like for me to help you instead?


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