Sexy Prostitutes Make Life Better

Sometimes you need the unconventional and sexy prostitutes with dicks are the answer for that kinky lust you cum cravers have. Just the other night I had been out at the club and my pretty man parts were nicely tucked away as I wore this shimmery black micro skirt and a pink halter with sparkly silver sequins on it. Looking really good and like one hot piece of female ass. I was getting hit on hard by some jockish piece of shit and decided he deserves what I was going to spring on him. I slipped him a lude and had him buying me a few more shots that he had to do also before that bitch kicked in. He was feeling it and we headed out for air. I lured him to a spot I turned some tricks in in the past. I serviced his pathetic prick a little just to ease tension, then bent that bitch over and rammed my rod home in his bitch ass. I finished in him and left him passed out. I could not be happier about that. Like it dirty?

Sexy Prostitutes

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