Sexy Prostitutes All About The Money

sexy prostitutes

Sexy prostitutes get a bad rap.  We have stories for days.  Thinking about one and how I ended up bent over again behind the local pool bar ass up face down hanging on the side of a dumpster while the locals pounded it in once again. It is really no secret around here. I needed to make rent. A few of them at Harry’s Dive Bar, a local joint where I was their only stripper, would often let me just suck their wrinkled old fat cocks for a few bucks here and there.

There’s that one cock that I never even caught the old fellas name. He just comes on down on around Wednesday nights, meets me in parking lot, points to Chevy s10 over yonder and I hop up. He pulls out his sweaty old cock and holds it up like a snake. He stacks nasty $100 bills around that cock. I never wanted a cock so bad as I did when I seen that green goodness surrounding the base of that vein pulsing wrinkled-up monster between this old mans legs.  My mouth starts watering immediately.  Is it the money or the cock? Or the fact that this cock comes with some good money.

I left every meeting with him with a cum filled cunt and a few stacks of hundred dollar bills.

Makes it taste a bit better with that cheddar as a side.

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