Sexline and Party Line

sexlineMy sexline was a party line for Christmas. I had a wild Christmas. My husband snapped a few pictures of me having fun on our youngest adopted daughter’s new rocking horse. I was high as a kite. No surprise there. I was doing blow all day so I could stay up all night wrapping presents and talking dirty. I shopped early, but I wrapped late. I was on a long call that went well into the wee hours of Christmas morning. My caller and I were swapping incest stories. I got out my suction cup dildo and turned my daughter’s new rocking horse into a sex toy. I had no idea if it would work, or even how it would feel. Not sure if it was the blow or just the fact that I was horny as fuck that made my pussy purr on my homemade sex machine. Every time I rocked on the horse the dildo rubbed my clit. I was squirting all over my daughter’s Christmas present. I told my caller what a nasty fuck I was, and he told me he wished he was married to me. I am a nasty freak and a trashy milf. Many guys wish I was their woman. My husband woke up early to help me with the presents, but I was still partying with my fellow pervert. He took over the wrapping duties while I creamed on my daughter’s toy for another hour. I licked all my juice off the horse and put it under the tree with a big bow. My husband snapped some pictures so we could show my daughter what a dirty whore her mommy is. They already know how perverted mommy is. I made them all eat my pussy before opening presents. Four licks got them a present to open. We bought a lot of gifts for our brood, so mommy got licked so much that she has had a super sloppy wet pussy. Hope you had a great Christmas too.

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