Sex, Booze, Drugs and Cards

dirty phone sexThe owner of the club and his wife have a very open relationship. What she loves more than anything is to watch another woman please her husband. So, when she comes in, I know that it is going to be a dirty kind of night. She loves for me to join as when I am done pleasing him, I always please her. She grabbed a bottle from behind the bar and a baggy of coke and motioned me to the VIP lounge. We did some shots and a few lines and sat down to play strip poker. It wasn’t long before we were all wasted and high as hell. With no more clothes to remove we started playing winner gets to choose sexual favors. She won the first round and said that she wanted me to give her husband a blow job and to look at her the entire time. I knelt by his chair, gave her a sloppy kiss and put her husbands rock hard cock in my mouth. As I was sucking on him, I could see her grab his hand and guide his fingers into her wet pussy. I never took my eyes off her as I took his dick deep in my throat and he finger banged her. Once he started breathing heavier, she told me to stop and she straddled his cock, facing me. She motioned me over to lick her pussy and pinch her nipples as he buried that dick deep inside her wet, bald pussy until she was squirting. She didn’t want me to feel neglected, so she told him to eat my pussy as she licked my nipples until I orgasmed. We then did a shot, did another line and played another hand.

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