Semen Addict

Black stripper sexI make lots and lots money bouncing my ass in a strip club. But money isn’t the main reason I strip. I strip because I’m a cum dumpster, I love semen. I love how it taste and how it feels on my skin. Plus, it good for my health it has a ton of protein. And look at my skin, it’s flawless because of cum facials. The strip club is full of men that are full of cum. Every half hour I take a lucky man to The Champagne Room and put his cock in my mouth. I love to suck dick. Let me get on my knees and blow your mind. Fucking isn’t allowed in the club, but when we’re behind the closed door of The Champagne Room no one will know. I’m a freak and I like to do freaky things. Let’s explore each other’s dirty mind and turn fantasy into reality. I need your semen like a vampire needs blood.

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