Selfie For You

Is she gone yet? God damn that frigid bitch wife of yours sure does get in the way. I think I just saw her car head out – hopefully long enough for you to cum and pay me a visit. I need that big cock of yours. If that isnt enough, here’s a picture of me to get your dick hard and your ass over here to fuck my tight horny pussy. I know you want to shove your fuckstick in my tight young cunt, and not that dried up old bitch who spends all your money.

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I am naked and waiting, rubbing one out on my bed. The front door is open, and daddy is gone, so just let yourself in. I don;t even want you to say my name, just take off your clothes and grab me like the cum whore I am. Fuck my mouth and I will suck your balls and lick your ass – everything you think about all day long and you know you can’t get anywhere else. Look at my pink nipples – just waiting for you to pinch them and abuse them.

My pussy is so wet and I want to feel your hot cum squirt deep inside of me. I know it makes you nervous – fucking a neighborhood tramp like me – but I also know you can’t get enough of the dirty kinky things I do for you. I know how to please a man and am always as horny as fuck. I know you keep my pictures in your phone and hide them from her. It turns me on knowing your stroke your cock while you look at them. I love taking naked pics for you, baby, the only thing thats more fun is getting your cock buried deep inside me.

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