Save A Tank-Ride A Soldier

phone sex line cleoBeing in this country because my grandpa joined the American Military in the 1945 to gain citizenship for our family makes me very grateful to our veterans. On memorial day every year I show that gratitude like only a good slut can.
My day starts out by dressing exceptionally slutty and heading out to the local base.
While everyone else is preparing for a cook out I am preparing my hot, wet pussy and full luscious lips to be filled with the cock of our soldiers on duty.
The front gate is my first line of defense and giving the gate guards a blow job they won’t soon forget starts my day with a cunt cumming bang.
I love the way our men in uniform like to share and before long they are calling their buddies to the gate for some slut loving fun.
By noon every one of my holes are filled with the cum of military men and I have even licked several female pussies.
But my day isn’t done, not by a long shot.
Down the road there is a veterans nursing home slap full of horny vets just needing some attention.
It is time to spend the afternoon on my knees in front of them stuffing their eager cocks into my mouth and sucking them dry.
There are several that are still ambulatory that love taking me to their rooms and bending me over to stuff my pussy and ass with eager dick, unloading wads of cum into me.
I love doing my civil duty as a citizen and honoring our vets in a way only a true trashy whore can!
If I didn’t get to you I am sorry, but you can always call. I will be waiting for you.freaky phone sex memorial day1

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