Road Head For Coke Heads

Cum Filled Cunt

“Get the fuck in the cab, you nasty lot lizard whore.” My favorite dealer taunted, holding up a spicy little bag of snow to coax me in. He had his fat cock out; thick and nasty from being on the road. I could smell another bitch’s cunt on him. My little snow day would keep my nausea at bay, so I bounced up into the Mack and tugged my shirt over my head. My cunt was soaked, not caring about his dirty dick if it meant I got this much blow. This one loved to do most of the work for me, but not today. Today, he revved the engine, my slit dripping as the realization set in.
He threw the tractor trailer into drive, speeding us out to the highway. “Eat my dick you dirty whore.” I sniffed a quick line from the dash, and then I pounced, slamming him into the back of my throat. He gripped a had in my hair, the other struggling to hold the truck steady.
I started face fucking myself faster. He started to pull over right there on the highway. He grabbed me, threw me back onto the bed, and held me down. He fucked my throat raw.

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