Rip me a new asshole

Hardcore anal sexAfter having hardcore anal sex all night long, I literally feel like my asshole has been ripped open to three times it’s size. My entire anal cavity feels like it is completely gaping open from having a countless amount of cocks fucking me hard and deep. This body of mine was made to sin, the more hands on me and dicks inside of me, the better. My poop chute is rather petite and it really takes a lot of force to be able to fit inside of me balls deep. I don’t wanna be able to walk once i’m done getting gang-fucked. Big, black, thick and long, that’s my favorite type of dick meat to get nasty with! I have jungle fever and I need my thirst quenched! There’s nothing better than some fresh cum straight out of a nigger’s cock for me to guzzle down! I love getting my asshole creampied then using my fingers to scoop it up and lick it all off. I’m real fuckin nasty and I want you to match it! Make me lose control of my bowels because your dick does too much damage to my insides!

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