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blonde fucking

You know those ads on TV, the ones that play late night when there is no TV broadcasting. My favorites are the ones cheap phone sexthat seem really stupid but you know you want it and would totally use it anyway. The one I have not figured out why they have not invented yes is an attachment dildo or vibrator for your phone. All it would have to do would be enhance the already super powerful vibrations of the cell phone.  There has been countless times when I could not find a toy to fuck myself with when I was alone. Better yet, I have been in so many situations where I wasdrunk girl fucking out in public and horny and wet and needed to relive my throbbing wet pussy. I am sick of having to ask my friend to mass text me for like 5 minutes so that I can shove my crappy Nokia in and out of my twat till I cum. I mean on top of that, who wants to go through all of the hassle to waterproofing your more expensive phones so you don’t fuck them up. It feels so good when your cell vibrates on your clitty too, I could see where needing a water proof device would come in handy for on the run squirters. I should invent it then I could be rich and loaded and leave the trailer park. Ha Ha. I would be the rich white trash bitch everyone would be jealous of.

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