Recruiting the Boys

cum dumpster

I was working the late shift at the Greasy Skillet Truckstop when I saw a line of military vehicles roll in. I hate those fucking guys. They are young, rude, and they don’t tip worth a shit. I figured my night was ruined.
I knew the major well. He and I had enjoyed many backseat encounters over the last 5 years. He knew that I was a total cum whore. I had sucked the cream from his cock in every room of the truckstop. But tonight he wanted a favor. He motioned me over to the backroom. “Rorie, I need a favor. These boys are going off to war. Many of them are never coming back. I want to give them a good time tonight. I already talked to your boss and he has given you the night off. You will be well compensated for your service.” At first I was pissed that he was willing to pimp me out like a truckstop whore, but then I looked around at all of the fine young studs. This could be a very interesting night. Much better than blowing fat old truckers that smelled like sweaty balls.
I followed him to the employee break room where the boys were waiting. Some of them were barely older than my own sweet Christy. Someone had put a porn DVD in the player and several were already rubbing themselves through their cammies. I was going to give them something they’d never forget!!!
I walked in, tossing off my bra, exposing my massive 42FF tits. I saw their eyes bulge and I knew I had them “at attention.” “Who’s first?” I yelled. A line formed immediately, wrapping completely around me. I could see that the biggest studs were at the front of the line and the small dicks brought up the rear. They began to unzip as I hit my knees.
I didn’t waste any time. I grabbed the huge cock that was shoved in my face and stuffed it in my mouth. It was thick and veiny and swelled even more as I sucked it. He blew into my mouth like a landmine, filling me with salty spunk.
Next, I gulped a thick black cock. I love the thrust of a blacksnake in my throat, the musky-sweet smell, and the gush of cream he gave me. Forget this BJ shit. I wanted cock. I kicked off my panties and lifted my short skirt to reveal my trimmed bush. The boys went crazy, pouncing on me like they were starving. I felt one ram into my pussy while another violated my asshole. A third was face-fucking me and ready to bust a nut. I came so hard that I pissed on a fat boys cock, but he didn’t even notice.
I was full of cum in every hole. I felt it oozing down my thighs as I begged for more. The last two guys at the end of line finally stepped up, only to be slapped to the floor. “Clean up the mess.” one was ordered. He dropped to his knees and eagerly began lapping the jizz from my drenched cunt. That little Army faggot cleaned me up good as the second one fucked him in the ass. We had a great laugh at fag boy’s tiny cock.
I worked for about 4 hours and then they were gone, leaving me with piles of lovely tips and a sore ass and pussy. Not a bad night for an old truckstop whore. I can barely wait until the next group gets through basic training and stops by here for a little midnight fun at the Greasy Skillet.

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