Putting out Fires

Cum guzzling slut

Kyle from Alpha Kappa Kum contacted me again! After the last event I went to I was excited to go to another one at the house. I had no idea what I’d be doing all he said was that I’d be be putting out fires.

So after the party started, a few beers and pills, and then I was in a sexy fireman costume kneeling on the floor. I had no idea what was coming next until I was surrounded by the big dicked brothers of Alpha Kappa Kum.

It was a dream come true! All the hard dicks, right at face level, all around me. Each man stroking himself so slow to keep himself hard for my mouth.

“Guess what Hadley! You’re on fire!” said a grinning Kyle.

“Oh no!” I cried, trying hard to smile.

“Quick! Turn on the hoses! Put yourself out! Make sure not to swallow.”

All of the pieces suddenly clicked into place and I went into action. Taking turns fucking cocks on my throat, my hands jacking them off. Trying so hard to pay attention to every cock all around me. The first guy I felt start to cum, I wanted to swallow so bad but I was a good girl and pulled off. Feeling his cum splatter all over my face, dripping onto my chest. It seemed his orgasm set off one of my hand cocks off and I felt more cum shoot onto my cheek, lips, shoulders.

I was getting covered in cum and I had so many more men to help put me out.

I was going to end up such a sticky mess and I loved it.

Cum dumpster

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