Promotion has drawbacks

phone sex line deannaThe promotion I got last month to Assistant Manager at the strip club was a great one for me. While I missed being naked each and every night, I still got to wear really slutty clothes, and the salary was exceptional and wasn’t based on tips. It was probably getting time to pass on the actual dancing night in and night out to the younger girls anyway. The only drawback I had found to my new promotion was a lack of sex. While dancing, I could have my pick of hot-blooded men. All it took was getting them in the private rooms for a dance. By mid song, I would have a hard cock buried in my hungry cunt any time I chose. Believe me, I chose to finish those private dances with a good fucking quite often.
Being in management is taking me too far away from my customers, which is leaving me so very horny. It is another night and I sit here in my office needing a good fucking. I’m tempted to leave my work undone here and head out to the floor to pick out my stud for the night. Wouldn’t you love to be the one I choose? You think you can help me out with this problem? I would love to feel your wonderful dick in the hole of your choice. Call me so I can take you into my office for your own private dance.

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