Preacher’s Dirty Girl

Taboo phonesex

Forgive me Heavenly Father for I have been a very bad, bad whore! I went to church this morning to repent of my sins one last time before the new year, not that I really give a fuck, I only go to stare at my hot preacher! I love to fantasize about sucking and fucking his huge holy cock while he’s giving the sermon to the crowd! I’m surprised I haven’t burned into flames the moment I step foot in the church! The way he eyes fucks me while I sit in the front row with my legs uncrossed and pussy spread open underneath my short skirt, I know he would be more than ready for me! After the church cleared out, I met my preacher at the podium and started to feel and stroke on his thick, sin-filled cock under his robe, he was throbbing! I started to kneel down on to my knees and put his big robe over my body and suck that fucking horny cock like God himself was sitting there watching us! He was moaning and screaming out to Jesus, but I showed him no mercy! He busted a huge load of cum all over my pretty face! That cock was gagging me down my tiny throat, it felt like he was deep inside of my pussy! It was an exhilarating rush to have such a sinful experience!

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