Portuguese Breakfast with Deanna

golden shower sex storiesNothing is sweeter to my ears than hearing last call at the strip club where at work. It makes me all giddy knowing that my shift is over and I will be going home with one of my regulars for a night of fun, not to mention the extra money. You are one of my super freaky clients. You always want to spray me with that warm sparkly golden shower straight from your great big cock. I can tell what you have been drinking from the smell of your warm piss. Oh, how I enjoy your warm piss when you have been drinking jack and coke half the night. Now that I am refreshed from your tasty piss. You ask me if I want a Portuguese breakfast. I reply with but of course. I lie down on the floor. You help me to prop my ass and legs up. As I am laying there I can hear you cracking eggs in a bowl. You come back and stick a funnel in my hot wet pussy and then you slowly pour those cold eggs into my hot pussy. The chilly slimy egg creation makes my pussy tingle with excitement. You hold my legs up in the air and put that big hard cock into my pussy. You tell me how you have to scramble the eggs. You pound your big hard cock into my hot pussy until the eggs are all frothy. You help me up over a bowl so that the frothy mixture can run out of my pussy. Then you sprinkle it with your cum and pour it into two glasses. We both enjoy our frothy Portuguese breakfast.

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