PMommy And Her Slutkins

Cum Filled Cunt

You may or may not know this, but I’m a sexy P Mama 2. I’ve been married four times, and I have eight little ones, two from each marriage. Some of them are of mixed blood, but they’re young and they’re hot, and they’re eager to have their little fuck holes filled. I often take at least one of them to work the Lots with me, and that is some sexy group fucking action that I can guarantee you don’t want to miss. Our mouths are hot, hungry, and empty. We’ll be swallowing your cock faster than you can handle, gulping you down.
You tell me your preference, how young, what they look like, and I guarantee I have one that’ll fit your style. You want to get fucked by me and my slutkins? We’ll give you a run for your fucking money, and I guarantee we’ll drain your balls at least three times before you make it out the door. Are you up to fucking us like that? Do you think you can handle a filthy horny Pmommy druggy slut and her little whores?

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