Pizza Man Cum Drop

Cum guzzling slutI sucked the pizza boy’s dick; I was home alone hungry and horny I ordered pizza and while I waited for it, I took my dildo and was fucking my pussy with it. It had my cunt so wet but it wasn’t enough I needed the taste of man nut in my mouth, when the doorbell rang, I opened the door and asked him if he could put the pizza inside. As soon as he did, I grabbed his dick and pulled it out started sucking it he couldn’t believe it, while I sucked it, I stuck my dildo back in my pussy and started fucking it hard. I sucked on his balls and deep throated his cock. He was enjoying it so much I could feel his balls filling up and tightening up and it, started making me fell the rush in my pussy and I started squirting all over the floor. He saw it and with that he started pumping my mouth full of cum and I swallowed every dropped. I thanked him for my pizza and he left.

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